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+ The Basics

The Super Kimagery Newborn Portrait Experience is something special, unique, and tailored to fit you perfectly. Each step in our photographic journey together is tweaked to match you and your needs -- from the initial consultation, to the fabulous session, to the hours of hand-editing each image, and the final beautiful products.

Kim's specialty is newborn babies under 10 days old. Those first few days are so very precious, and every single moment, every facial expression, and every movement is an opportunity for me to photograph. The best newborn portraits are taken between 7-10 days old so we recommend contacting us while you're still pregnant to reserve your space on the calendar. You can expect beautiful portraits of your baby sleeping in cute poses. We'll also take photos cuddling with Mom and Dad and siblings. Kim will arrive at your home with a selection of knit hats, flower headbands, baskets, bowl, blankets, and wood flooring. A typical newborn portrait session lasts about 3 hours.

We invite you to learn more about how a Super Kimagery portrait can be a priceless heirloom and an important part of your family's history. It is an investment that will yield dividends beyond your lifetime and will inform future generations of their heritage.


+ The First Step – Let’s Talk

In a simple phone conversation, we answer your questions about the Super Kimagery Experience and ask about your hopes and dreams and your vision for your portraits. You will learn about us, and we will learn about you.  Email or call (415) 990-0720 today.

Location Preview and Home Visit

Kim will visit your home to meet with you and make initial decisions as to where and how the newborn portraits will be created. She will look for a space in your home with plenty of natural light. Kim will also advise you on the clothing that you have selected for the session and can tour your home discussing and advising on potential portrait display areas.

+ Portrait Session

Upon booking, you will receive information to help make your newborn portrait session run smoothly. We want the experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. 

+ Portrait and Order Appointment

The order appointment is a magical time for new parents. It is the first time you will experience the thrill of seeing your baby's portraits and selecting your order. Kim will work with you and guide you through the ordering process.

+ Unveiling and Installation

The culmination of the portrait experience is when Kim personally delivers the framed, signed portraits, to your home. Hanging your portraits is included at no additional charge.


Portrait commissions vary depending on your specific needs and desired service level, and start at $500 up to $5,000. We will be happy to discuss what your vision is and how we can help make that a reality. Kim is available for portrait sessions in San Francisco or San Mateo County. Please inquire for locations outside of this area. 


Every family is unique and for that reason we take the time to understand and appreciate your needs. We are invested in you, just as you invest in us.

It all starts with a conversation. We look forward to getting to know you.

Contact Kim today.
2311 Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica, CA 94044